Equity & Entrepreneurship: LGBTQ+ Founder Stories

Lex Schroeder
Dec 9, 2021
Equity & Entrepreneurship: LGBTQ+ Founder Stories

Meet Jeronimo Beccar

In my experience of entrepreneurship, diversity in the broadest sense of the word—diversity of thought, life experiences, training, background, race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc.—is critical. Even though diversity can deliver outstanding results, it can lead to conflicting points of view. Getting everyone on a team to understand the reasons behind strategic decisions can be challenging, but it’s also crucial for off-the-charts creativity. It’s the difference between, “I am doing this because I was told to do so…” and, “I know why I am working on this.” How do you achieve this change in culture and mindset as a leader or even as a team? You define – and lead by – your values.

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