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Who We Are

Every member of the Hyka team has been impacted by mental health in one way or another. We have experienced it ourselves or seen loved ones go through today’s siloed, fragmented system. We bring our own mental health stories, experiences and journeys to our work. A shared passion for fixing the fragmented world of mental health care has turned into a bonding force.

Our Vision

What drives us is the idea of continuity: a unified, interconnected behavioral health system where providers across the spectrum work together, people receive the care they need, and no one falls through the cracks. We are working towards this vision by building the tech infrastructure that connects disconnected pieces of the behavioral health system.

Be a Part of Our Journey

We are traveling this road with a strong group of advisors, investors, team members, and foundational partners. We are looking for additional partners — people who see the same problem, believe in our approach, and would consider working with us to create something that will have impact far beyond their own footprint.

The Hyka team
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The Hyka team

Jero Beccar
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Jorge Burgos
Head of Technology
Heather Cook
Care Navigation
Sam Collier, MD
Head, Clinical Operations (Enterprise)
Megan Costello
Chief Operating Officer
Aidan McKee
Head, Customer Experience
Nick Nissen, MD
Co-Founder, Head of Clinical Partnerships
Jason Shaplen
Co-Founder, President

Our Advisors

Stephen Klasko

Former CEO

Jefferson Health
James LLoyd

Co-Founder and CTO

Geeta Nayyar, MD, MBA

Former Chief Medical Officer

Joan A. Camprodon, MD, MPH, PhD.

Chief, Division of Neuropsychiatry

Massachusetts General Hospital

Our  Investors

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