Turning next-generation

psychiatry mainstream

In the fragmented world of mental health care, we build the infrastructure
to make innovative treatments
available to all.


is a collaborative care platform for healthcare providers to connect patients with the latest psychiatric treatments — from brain stimulation to psychedelics.

Through an API layer, Hyka allows providers to easily refer patients by offering real-time data on treatment options, eligibility, availability, costs, educational content, and quality of care. We do all the ‘hand-holding’ required to help patients get to the care they need.

What do we do?

Service 1
For Telehealth Providers & EAPs

Expand your offerings to get your members the care they need

With Hyka, you can offer members streamlined access to a wide range of novel therapies offered by our network of trusted clinics.

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Service 2
For Practices

Get the right patient for TMS, Ketamine, and Spravato

Hyka partners with telehealth providers, health plans, and employee assistance programs (EAPs) to help treatment-resistant patients seamlessly onboard your practice. We do all the ‘hand-holding’ prior to treatment so you don’t have to.

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Service 3
For Patients

We’ll help you get the treatment that best fits you

We help you learn, find, and match with the latest mental health treatments. We do all the heavy lifting. Find the right care on hyka.health.

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Hyka exists to bridge those gaps because leaving depression behind requires having access to care that works.

Tens of millions of people every year

fail psychiatric medication and face multiple barriers to access the latest mental health treatments.
Hyka exists to help their providers work closely with psychiatric practices to get people the care they need.

Our Partners

We are proud to be working with the brightest minds at these companies to accelerate adoption of the latest mental health treatments.


For us, this is personal

“When we started Hyka, little did I know how the problem of a fragmented mental health care system would attract so many talented, passionate people — it’s inspiring and uplifting!”

Jero Beccar
Jero Beccar