Improving access to next generation mental health therapies.

Hyka empowers people to better understand and leverage emerging solutions on their path to recovery 😀

Solving an access problem

Less than 1% of the 50M people who could benefit go on to receive treatment. Our research suggests this is due to:

> a lack of treatment awareness & literacy
> frictions in finding and onboarding with a provider
> poor communication between the care team

Treatment awareness

Hyka helps depressed individuals learn about options that exist beyond first-line treatments like talk therapy and antidepressants.

Our goal is simple. We want to support people in need to make informed decisions about their care.

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Provider matching

If the time comes to find a provider, Hyka is ready to lend a hand with a convenient directory of local clinics and onboarding automations, all in one place.

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Patient intake, made easy.

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Who cares?

Hyka stakeholders span the spectrum of the healthcare ecosystem.

Therapeutic providers

Hyka takes care of guiding patients through treatment literacy, requirements, and intake, so providers can focus on therapy.

Telehealth providers

Hyka enables patients of telehealth solutions to continue on beyond talk therapy and antidepressants, when appropriate.

Therapeutic manufacturers

Hyka engages with the target population of manufacturers in new and engaging ways, some that highlight various therapies.

Health plans / payors

Hyka can help to increases awareness of treatment offerings covered by a health plan, and connect them to local clinics.