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We are a team of innovators, psychiatrists, engineers, and clinical experts passionate about improving access to next-generation mental health therapies.

Born out of the Harvard Innovation Labs, Hyka is a unique blend of different perspectives.

Jero Beccar

CEO  |  LinkedIn

J. Evan Smith

CTO  |  LinkedIn

Nick Nissen, MD

CMO  |  LinkedIn

Some of the bright minds behind Hyka

Joan Camprodon

MD, MPH, PhD | LinkedIn

Chief, Division of Neuropsychiatry, MGH
Director, Laboratory for Neuromodulation

Kristen Ellard

PhD | Profile

Assistant Professor of Psychology, MGH
Center for Bipolar Treatment Innovation

Marc-David Munk

MD | LinkedIn

Former Chief Medical Officer of Minute Clinic and Associate CMO of CVS Health

Doug Levin


EIR at Harvard Business School
Founder, Black Duck Software (acquired)

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