Harvard Innovation Labs: Listening to Latinx Entrepreneurs

Elaine Johanson


October 15, 2021

Harvard Innovation Labs:

Describe your venture. What inspired you to start it?

Jeronimo Beccar:

I lost someone close to suicide. My friend had taken antidepressants for years before it happened. Many years later, I learned that this was not an isolated case. Roughly 50 million people in the US take antidepressants every year. For about 20 million of them, they don’t work. At this point, people often don’t know what comes next in their care journey. Navigating the mental healthcare system is extremely hard: there’s poor guidance, little awareness around options, uncertainties around cost, endless paperwork. Basically, we are asking people to find a restaurant in a foreign city, blindfolded, without a smartphone! That’s the problem Hyka solves.

We do it by guiding patients from where they get stuck to where they need to go, breaking down the barriers to care. Through triage and personalized content technology, Hyka helps patients from telehealth providers, health plans, and employee assistance programs seamlessly access the latest mental health treatments—from psychedelics to ketamine to brain stimulation.

Hyka exists because our mental well-being depends on finding the right care when everything else has failed.

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